Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy "Bonnie" Day!

As a Presbyterian Pastor (in training) I feel compelled to share a Happy Easter with everyone but then I realized many folk exchange chocolate (especially chocolate bunnies here in the States) but do not know how chocolate bunnies relate to the "Risen Christ"

It turns out its a Presbyterian thing... seriously. Many Presbyterians hail from Scotland. One Easter Sunday morning a Scottish pastor was heard to say "He is risen and it’s a 'bonnie' day"... the rest is history -- I'm a Presbyterian Pastor so you know it’s true (Honest!)

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Red_Cleric said...

It's a month + after Easter but I ran across a comment you made on Gottabemobile and to click on the name.

I've not any other pastors using a tablet let alone a Presby type. Where are you and what seminary are you incarcerated in LOL?

Alan Wilkerson