Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Roohaa: Everyone Episode 1, Series 1 Released January 2011

The Church was never intended to be a collection of individuals. We all have a part to play and just as they body is composed of many parts so too is God's Church. Many churches have two groups of people... those who try and do too much and those who try and do too little. The key is this... No one can do everything but everyone must do something!

ABOUT ROOHAA: The word comes from the Hebrew and means breath or Spirit. Roohaa (rooh-aa) is a video outreach ministry offered on YouTube, iTunes and various App Stores. It was filmed entirely with an iPhone. The software and video production is part of the non-profit ministry of XPPassion. New Roohaa videos will become available several times a year so watch for them. PLEASE DONATE TO SUPPORT THIS MINISTRY at

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